Foil Board Printing

Packaging / Foil Board Printing

With Our NEW In-House 8 Color KBA UV perfector printing press, we can handle any of your foil board packaging projects.

Benefits of Foil Board

  • Quicker production speeds
  • Available in holographic or specialty-colored sheets
  • Registration accuracy - registering print to print vs. foil to print
  • Less costly to run full coverage on longer runs
  • Primed print surface
  • Can reverse out printing to achieve foil stamped images without another pass
  • Can achieve shades and translucent effects
  • Fewer processes compared to overprinting foil stamped images
  • Does not require foil stamping equipment

Want to come up with some cool ideas for your packaging and see some printed foil board samples?

Ask our team to send you out free samples of foil board packaging as inspiration.