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Our Story​

Our Story

About us / Our Story

We were born in 1994 as group of artists in Los Angeles California, who came together to build on what was a revolution in Art at the time.. The revolution was the computer… the personal computer had just started to become user friendly at this time and we as artists saw the mouse as an extension of our own hands, it was a natural progression.

Once we started creating art on the computer, we wanted to do more. We wanted to engage in the next step which was to print the digital images we created on our computer screens and we found a home in the packaging world… a world that let us not only create art..  but shapes, windows, platforms, dimensions..   We became masters at the packaging craft.. 

Here we are, 26 years and counting, and we are still printing and creating packaging. In the past 26 years we have perfected our processes and accelerated our capabilities. We work with all substrates, coatings, inks and print techniques known to mankind and have grown to include Structural Design and Packaging Logistics to our wheelhouse. 

Our goal is simply to pass on our extensive experience and knowledge to our customers. We thrive on helping them to imagine, create and fulfill their wildest packaging goals and visions. The end result is successful, stunning printing and packaging that is affordable  and eco-friendly.

We are Pacer Print and Packaging… Affordable, High-Quality Printing and Packaging…MADE SIMPLE.