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Premium quality Set-Up Boxes, also called Rigid Boxes or Paper Boxes are pretty much the highest end packaging you can make for your product. The Rigid Set-Up Boxes are made of a thick chipboard stock that gives them a sturdy, crush-resistant feel. If you want your product or brand to give off a look and feel of “High-End Luxury” then Rigid/Set-Up Packaging is for you.

Benefits of Rigid/Set-Up Boxes


Rigid/Set-Up boxes are made of recycled cardboard, recycled paper, recycled tape, and non-solvent glue and inks. That offers you a packaging solution that is extremely eco-friendly. We can also create a completely recycled natural kraft Rigid/Set-Up box by using natural kraft paper and natural chip colored cardboard. It’s a perfect solution if you’re focused on the environment and want to project that focus within your company’s brand.

Made in USA

Recent efforts to increase manufacturing in America have made it easier for you to source Rigid/Set-Up Boxes in the USA rather than waiting for boxes to ship from overseas. Being an American manufacturer is an honor and a privilege that we don’t take for granted. Let us show you how easy, competitive and stress-free it can be to buy Rigid/Set-Up Boxes made in the USA.

Lower Your labor Costs!

As your labor rates increase, your profit margins become tighter or you raise your prices. Rigid/Set-up boxes lower your labor costs because they come fully assembled, ready to insert your product and ship. Regular paper board folding carton style boxes require assembly before you insert your product and ship.